Welcome to MasterChef – the world’s most successful food format. For over 25 years, the much-loved TV show has been discovering and nurturing world class food talent, and changing the lives of countless contestants and viewers alike, all across the world. MasterChef is far more than a TV show, it aims to inspire home cooks at all stages of their culinary journey from seasoned pro to complete novice. To help harness these ever-developing skills, the MasterChef kitchenware ranges have been designed in close collaboration with the TV show, employing the high standards and integrity that have become synonymous with the MasterChef brand the world over.




MasterChef first launched way back in 1990 on BBC One in the UK, with contestants competing to be crowned Britain’s best amateur chef, under the watchful eyes of culinary powerhouse Lloyd Grossman. Now adapted in over 65 territories worldwide, and broadcast in over 200, MasterChef is watched globally by over 300 million viewers.

With successful iterations including Celebrity MasterChef, Junior MasterChef, MasterChef: The Professionals, MasterChef All Stars, and MasterChef Seniors, the past year saw exciting new launches of MasterChef: Young Talent (Denmark and Norway), and Young MasterChef in the UK, catering for a new generation of aspiring young cooks. Among the various iterations of the show, MasterChef maintains its one central aim: to discover the country’s best culinary talent through a series of extraordinary cooking challenges, watched over by the keen eye of some of the world’s most prestigious gastronomic judges.


The MasterChef judges provide the beating heart of the format, and represent the best of the best in culinary talent all over the world. Whether Michelin-starred restaurant chefs, successful restaurateurs or the nation’s most powerful critics, their food knowledge and industry experience is second to none, and the opportunity to cook for these icons is once-in-a-lifetime. Whilst MasterChef judges have always been respected names in the food industry, the success of MasterChef has in many cases transformed them into household names in the culinary space.


The MasterChef experience can be totally world-altering, with hundreds of contestants who have gone on to carve out successful careers with food, including several who have gone on to win Michelin stars. The MasterChef message to its millions of viewers across the world is that they too can transform their lives through food, encouraging home cooks to expand their horizons, to innovate and excel. Whether you are an expert home cook, or a complete beginner, MasterChef has the ability to excite and inspire, and to transmit this passion into millions of homes across the world.


Three decades after the first UK version, MasterChef is now a bona fide global brand, recognized and trusted the world over, with local productions continuing to build on this success and adapt the much-loved format to their own culinary cultures.

The list of internationally recognized chefs who have appeared as MasterChef judges includes: Jock Zonfrillo and George Calombaris (Australia), Erick Jacquin and Helena Rizzo (Brazil), Jesper Koch and Dek Wichangoen (Denmark), Kape Aihinen and Henri Alén (Finland), Yves Camdeborde and Thierry Marx (France), Sybille Schonberger (Germany), Leonidas Koutsopoulous (Greece), Daniel Clifford (Ireland), Bruno Barbieri, Antonino Cannavaccuiolo, Giorgio Locatelli, Carlo Cracco (Italy), Pepe Rodrigue and Jordi Cruz (Spain), Tom Sjostedt (Sweden), Andreas Caminada (Switzerland), Benito Molina (US Latino), Michel Roux Jnr and Marcus Wareing (UK) and – of course - Gordon Ramsay (US). Guest chefs appearing on versions of MasterChef include culinary legends such as Alain Ducasse, Joel Robuchon, Massimo Bottura, Ferran Adrià, Heston Blumenthal, Michel Roux, Albert Roux, Joan Roca and Marco Pierre White, Curtis Stone, Ann Sophie Pic, Tom Kitchin (Scotland’s youngest ever winner of a Michelin star), Glynn Purnell, Christian Esbribà, Carles Abellan, Helen Duroze, and Clare Smyth.



MasterChef UK is not just a cooking show; it's a culinary journey that brings together the best chefs from across the country to compete, learn, and showcase their exceptional skills. MasterChef UK stands as a testament to the melting pot of culinary brilliance that the United Kingdom has to offer, celebrating diverse flavours, innovative techniques, and the relentless pursuit of culinary excellence. From the intense kitchen battles to the heart-warming stories of the contestants, MasterChef UK takes viewers on a rollercoaster ride of emotions and flavours.

At the heart of MasterChef UK are the chefs who bring their passion and expertise to the forefront. The TV series is a platform for passionate chefs to showcase their skills and vie for the coveted title of MasterChef. From north to south, MasterChef UK unearths hidden culinary gems, providing a spotlight for chefs who embody the rich and diverse tapestry of British gastronomy. MasterChef UK is a cultural phenomenon that has become an integral part of British households.

The backbone of MasterChef UK is its esteemed panel of judges and culinary legends (John Torode and Gregg) who bring their expertise, wit, and discerning palates to the competition. The judges are seasoned professionals who have carved their names in the culinary world and bring their invaluable insights to the aspiring chefs competing for the title of MasterChef, never without a sprinkle of good old-fashioned tough love.

Photo Credits: BBC/ShineTV. For future castings, visit masterchef.tv.


We want to inspire our viewers to change their own lives through food, so we have developed officially branded kitchenware ranges in close collaboration with the show in order to fully reflect the integrity and professionalism of the MasterChef brand, and its ability to nurture talent at all stages of the culinary journey.

From signature staples that are perfect for those less experienced, to higher-end tools for more professional use, we’ve catered for all levels of home cook. The MasterChef kitchenware ranges also offer an extensive range of options when it comes to design, functionality, and price point, giving the MasterChef viewer the flexibility to make the right choices for their kitchen! Many of our MasterChef goods arrive with exclusive QR code access to extensive libraries of culinary advice and recipes, enabling every home cook to explore restaurant quality meals that they see on our shows and share in the spirit of MasterChef at home!

Appearing on MasterChef has been life-changing for many of our contestants, and a platform from which to launch a lifelong career in food.  If you have always had a passion for cooking and believe you have what it takes to join our Wall of Fame then apply. - The MasterChef Team.