It’s Finals Week on MasterChef and the 20thbirthday celebrations are heating-up. After seven weeks of intense competition, there are just four of the 58 cooks left. At the end of this week, one of them will be crowned champion –an accolade that could change their life forever. The battle to become MasterChef Champion 2024 hurtles towards the Grand Final.

Chris Willoughby

Chris is a circus performer from Oxfordshire: "I’ve always been fascinated by cooking. It probably started from watching my grandma cook a great Sunday roast pork and being fascinated by how she would do it and make things taste so nice. I entered MasterChef because I have always loved the series and the competition. Who doesn't love a challenge? And this is one that will definitely test you. Cooking for John and Gregg has always been a pleasure, they both have great palates and have been tasting dishes for over 20 years on the show so you really know the feedback is coming from the right place."

Louise Lyons Macleod

Louise is a farmer from the Exmoor National Park area: I’ve been cooking since I could walk! My mum would always get me involved in preparing the family meals. My father would take me fishing to catch our supper and would teach me to prepare and cook the fish. My granny was also a huge influence and would encourage me to help her in the kitchen. For at least 15 years my friends and family have been badgering me to apply for MasterChef. The reason I applied this year was that I had just had my five-year cancer-versary. I’ve been the biggest fan of the show forever and it’s the only TV show I religiously watch. It’s been a joy to cook for John and Gregg. They are as lovely as I had imagined.”

Brin Pirathapan

Brin lives in Bristol and is a Veterinary Surgeon: “My love for food and cooking started to properly develop when I went to university. My student budget didn’t allow for fancy food, so I wanted to learn to make delicious meals myself without breaking the bank. That’s when I realised I had a passion for cooking, not just eating! Cooking definitely runs in my family. My parents grew up in Sri Lanka and are great cooks, so I’ve been lucky enough to be treated to amazing Tamil Sri Lankan flavours throughout my life.I’ve loved cooking for John and Gregg but it’s been absolutely nerve racking and waiting for their feedback during tastings feels like an eternity! They are such a pleasure to cook for."

Abi Kempley

Abi is from Yorkshire and works in sales for her family salads company: "My cooking was born out of frustration for not being able to spend time enjoying food at restaurants and food markets during lockdown 2020. Lockdown gave me the opportunity and time to cook for my family and recreate what we could no longer go out to eat! My mum pushed me to enter and really believed in me. John and Gregg are great judges and I’ve appreciated any feedback - especially once the initial nerves wore off after the first few rounds!”

Images: BBC/Shine TV. The MasterChef series is available to watch on catchup on the BBC iPlayer