Before Using the Cookware

Please carefully review the following use, care and safety instructions which contains important information for the safe use of your new MasterChef cookware and to allow the product to remain in a good condition for many years. This product has been designed for domestic use only and is not suitable for professional, commercial or non-household use. Please carefully review the following care, use and safety instructions which contain important information for the safe use of your new MasterChef® cookware, and to allow the product to remain in a good condition for many years and you will prevent the emission of fumes from pans and food that have been overheated. These fumes could be dangerous for animals with very sensitive respiratory systems such as birds. We recommend that birds should not be kept in the kitchen. This product complies with the regulations for products intended to be in contact with food and are suitable for food preparation only.

Before first use, remove all packaging materials. Clean the cookware with hot soapy water, rinse well and dry thoroughly with a soft cloth. Do not use aggressive detergents or any abrasive materials at any time as these will scratch and damage the inside non-stick surface. Check the tightness of the handles before first use. If the handle screw become loose, this can be tightened with a standard screwdriver. It is recommended to ‘season’ or ‘conditioning’ your cookware before use for the best possible non-stick effect. Apply a small amount of vegetable oil into the cookware and wipe the inside of the cookware.

Using the Cookware

Pre-heat your cookware for 2 minutes on moderate heat and grease the cookware a little before use. Never allow cookware to fry or boil dry. If it does fry or boil dry, switch off the heat source and do not attempt to remove the cookware until it is completely cooled down. Boil or fry dry could result in fire. Moderate heat source is recommended.  

Do not overheat the cookware, either empty or filled, as this can cause serious damage to its materials and the non-stick coating. The materials and non-stick effect can deteriorate, or the base can become warped. If over-heating does occur, however, ensure the area is well ventilated. Do not add any salts to your pan without any liquids or until the liquid is at boiling point as it can damage the materials and leave stains.

Always use a wooden or synthetic utensil to avoid damage to the non-stick surface. Metallic utensils will cause damage to the non-stick coating of the cookware. Slight surface marks and abrasions are normal and will not affect the performance of the non-stick coating.

Different Cooking Hobs

The cookware is suitable for use on all cooking hobs including induction. The cookware is not suitable for use on open fire. Choose the cooking hob according to the diameter of the base of the cookware and position the cookware in the center. At all times, do not allow the heat source to extend beyond the base of the cookware. In case of cooking on gas hob, avoid flames coming up the sides of the cookware at all times.

While using an induction hob, unfamiliar noises can occur because of the electromagnetic properties of the heat source. Due to the rapid speed of heating of an induction hob, special care should be taken. Pre-heating is not advised. Avoid moving the cookware back and forth unnecessarily as this can damage the surface of the cookware and the heat source. Always lift the cookware from the hob.

Do not use the cookware in a microwave or a conventional oven. It is a fire hazard and can result in damage to the cookware and oven or microwave. Do not place the glass lid directly on a heat source. The tempered and heat resistant glass lids are not suitable for use in microwave or in conventional oven.

Cleaning the Cookware

Leave the cookware to cool down before cleaning. Clean the cookware with a washing brush or cloth with hot water and a mild detergent. Do not use steel wool, abrasive materials or aggressive detergents, cleaning powders, chlorine cleaners or bleach at all time, as these will damage your cookware and the performance. Dry with a soft cloth. Although the cookware could be washed in the dishwasher, chemicals used in many dishwasher powders and detergents leave spots and can cause harm to the metals, non-stick layer and handle materials. We recommend hand wash only. In case you use a dishwasher, remove the cookware from machine immediately after the washing cycle has finished and dry with a soft cloth.

Pepco Warranty

If the product proves to be unsatisfactory PEPCO offers 3 years user guarantee on your MasterChef® cookware with ILAG Special non-stick coating from the date of purchase on workmanship and materials if used properly, under normal conditions and maintained as per these care and use instructions.

This guarantee does not include damage to the glass lids, scratches, stains, discoloration or damage due to overheating and does not cover accidental damage and defects caused by commercial use, negligence, improper use, abuse, normal wear & tear.

This guarantee does not affect Consumer Statutory Rights within the EU. Faulty products must be returned to your local PEPCO store where it was purchased and will only be considered when returned with the original sales receipt, specifying the date and information of the place of purchase and description of possible product default.

The warranty is provided by Pepco Poland Sp. z o. o., ul. Strzeszyńska 73A, 60-479 Poznań Poland. Please contact your nearest Pepco shop or email Helpline +48 61 62 88 999

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Please Note

The handles of your cookware are constructed to minimize heat transfer. However, the cookware and handles can heat up and could become hot. It is recommended to use oven gloves or oven mitts at all times. Keep handles from extending over the front edge of the cooktop where they can be snagged by clothing or hands accidently. Be sure to position handles away from other hobs.

Do not store food in the cookware after cooking as acids and minerals in food can damage the non-stick coating layer.

Never leave cookware unattended while in use or when hot. Keep out of reach of children.

Do not pour water or liquids into hot cookware. This can cause the grease to spatter causing harm and can cause the bottom of the pan to warp.

All capacities and measurements mentioned are approximate.


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